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Applied Nutritional Analysis

 My wife, Jeanne and I have more than 70 years of Muscle Testing collective experience behind us. Her strengths in working with functional medicine,  nutritional support and body chemistry and mine in structural support and body mechanics.  We have had the opportunity to help thousands of patients and ourselves make overall remarkable results.  As a result, we feel strong and vital in our older ages and so can testify as to the benefits of wholistic health care.  Now it is time for us to share what we have learned with those of you who are willing to learn to understand your own capacity of your body to heal itself. Whether your journey is your pathway to be more knowledgeable about your health, or your goal is to work with a health professional, or perhaps to become a health professional yourself, and broaden your abilities if you are already a health professional. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise through our training platform, the Winner University of Wellness.  We invite you to take advantage of our training opportunities to broaden your own knowledge and expertise. If you are willing and ready for the ride of a lifetime, we invite you to register for an upcoming class!   We look forward to having you with us!   Dr. Jack and Jean Winner 

Contact: Jean Winner 

Phone: 770-536-6600 Text: 770-530-9054

Location: Winner Wellness Center, 746 Green St. N.E., Gainesville, Ga 30501    

ANA Testing Technique Online Video Course $59.95 

Muscle Testing Online Video Course $39.95 

Refund Policy: All Sales Final, No Refunds, Transferrable Credit for Future Seminars If Needed

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